The art gallery is a large minimal space, over 2500 sqft in size. Exhibitions are held throughout the year from the gallery artists. Based in the beautiful historic Roman village of Ribchester in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, in the North West of England, the gallery is just 15 minutes from Junction 31 of the M6.


We appreciate that installing a painting and getting it perfectly level and in the optimum position is not necessarily as easy as it may seem. Large and heavy originals take a great deal of time and consideration to hang correctly, so why not take away this pressure, and let us install your artwork for you?


A tailor-made crate is the only way to ensure the safe and secure shipping of your artwork, particularly if you live outside of the UK. Several of our clients are based overseas, so to ensure safe delivery we secure the package in a bespoke plywood crate, more than strong enough to survive the journey, and protect the artwork during transit. For clients with a mainland UK address we use specialist art couriers.