Van Gogh at Ascot Studios
A Year with Vincent Van Gogh, by Anthony D Padgett

September 2018 sees the arrival of a new body of work based on Vincent Van Gogh from artist Anthony D Padgett. In 2017, Anthony had a life-changing year, studying the legacy of Van Gogh, and creating 67 paintings to parallel and contrast Van Gogh’s life with his own. Anthony’s work is set around rural villages in North West England and from his pilgrimage to Provence, France.

This has to be one of the most prolific projects I have ever known, especially when you consider that Anthony is a highly skilled sculptor who has also produced an impressive limited edition set of busts of Vincent Van Gogh. Several of Anthony’s previous sculptures have been sited at highly significant locations, including the New York Public Library.

Anthony D Padgett was born in 1969 and is a new resident artist at Ascot Studios. His originals are available exclusively through our Ribchester gallery, a selection of which can be seen here.  In my 14 years in the industry, I have not come across an artist who is more dedicated and professional in their approach to various artistic projects.

The resulting works show a genuine appreciation and empathy with Vincent the artist, and furnishes the viewer with an insight into his life and his genius. Every single painting measures 50cm x 40cm, so the works are easy to accommodate. I do hope you enjoy browsing through the work and sharing his wonderful artistic journey with us!

Anthony D Padgett BA|MA|PGDip (1969-) Cafe Van Gogh, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 40cm Enquire

Anthony D Padgett BA|MA|PGDip (1969-) Missing Yellow House, (Vincent’s House in Arles) Oil on Canvas, 50 x 40cm  Enquire

Anthony D Padgett BA|MA|PGDip (1969-) Vincent Van Gogh Bust, Cold Cast Bronze, 35cm x 17cm x 23cm Enquire

Everyone has an idea of what Van Gogh looked like but nobody can really know as all the images of him differ. Based on a detailed analysis of all Van Gogh’s self-portraits, Anthony’s award-winning sculpture is an attempt to balance many of the different elements. Versions, each in different cast finishes, are sited in places associated with Van Gogh’s life such as Arles, the Borinage, Brixton, Ramsgate, Isleworth and Welwyn.

Anthony D Padgett BA|MA|PGDip (1969-) Still Life with Absinthe, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 50cm Enquire

A Year with Vincent Van Gogh
“Original Sculpture and 67 paintings inspired by the art, life and letters of Vincent Van Gogh. Created throughout 2017 by Anthony D Padgett in a journey that changed his life”

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Anthony D Padgett BA|MA|PGDip
Starry Night
50 x 40cm
Oil on Canvas
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